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About Blades Technology Ltd
Blades Technology Ltd. (BTL) was established in 1968 by industrialist Stef Wertheimer as Iscar Blades in Nahariya, Israel. The company has developed from a small operation, founded to supply the Israeli Air Force with spare parts into a multinational corporation that provides high quality components to major OEMs around the globe. From its founding, the company has been guided by innovation, versatility, and continuous improvement of its manufacturing technology.

Blades Technology Ltd. is a subsidiary of Blades Technology International (BTI), a multinational manufacturing group which comprises three additional industrial plants: Precision Component Inc (PCI) in Columbus, Georgia, USA (1995) ; Xian Aero Technology (XAT) in Xian, China (1998); and Techjet in Tefen Plant, Israel (1999).

For nearly four decades, tens of millions of BTL parts have powered the world's aircraft, successfully accumulating hundreds of millions of hours in flight.

BTL is continuously improving its capabilities and increasing its capacity to keep pace with rapidly growing market demand.

BTL's entire operation is controlled and managed by its sophisticated IT system based on a very large, stable data infrastructure. All data is electronically loaded into the system, creating a multidimensional data base -
  • Customer orders are entered into system via electronic transmissions (EDI, web, email) which are automatically loaded to the ERP system.
  • Specialized integrated modules for inventory, raw materials, finance, forecasts, budget, and sales are utilized as daily management tools.
  • Advanced planning system, with fast simulation capabilities allows quick reaction to customers' changing requirements.
BTL is a one-stop source for the manufacturing of compressor and turbine blades and vanes for gas turbine engines, using in-house forging, machining, coatings, design and other finishing processes.

BTL's technology and know-how are among the most advanced in the industry, and the company's customers include most of the world's leading engine manufacturers. In recent years, BTL has capitalized on its manufacturing expertise in providing critical parts for the aerospace industry and has expanded into the gas turbine industry and the rapidly growing orthopedic implant market.

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