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Drawing on nearly 40 years of experience, BTL is one of the world's largest and most experienced manufacturers of all types of compressor and turbine blades and vanes for the aerospace and IGT industries.

BTL is capable of manufacturing full range of high pressure and low pressure blades and vanes for all engine modules.

Fan blades
BTL manufactures fan blades for small and mid-sized engines. Fan blades are produced either by precision forging or oversized forging and milled-all-over.

Compressor blades and vanes
BTL is the world largest manufacturer of all types of high and low pressure compressor blades and vanes made from titanium, nickel, steel, and aluminum alloys. Blades, Stator Vanes, Veriable Vanes ,Engine Section Stators Etc. are precision forged, oversize forged or milled from bar, and all machining operations are done in-house.

Turbine blades and vanes
BTL is a significant player in the grinding and finishing of high and low pressure turbine blades and vanes made from castings or forged parts.
Additional to the advanced grinding technology, most special processes are done in-house, including automatic hard-face welding, heat treatment, NDT, EDM, coating and honeycomb assembly.

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