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Process Development
BTL offers world-class expertise in developing and manufacturing precision components for jet engines, gas turbines, and the medical device industries.

The experienced and dedicated development team of engineers at BTL is capable of developing as many as 100 new products annually, based on customer blueprints and specifications.

New part process development begins with an advanced forging simulation system based on CAD/CAM modeling that ensures a smooth forging process, with accurate tool and die design.

In-house tool and die manufacturing capabilities with sophisticated equipment translate the design into finished product with minimal lead time.

BTL's engineering versatility provides a quick response to engineering changes in ongoing production as well as in the development of new programs.

Concurrent engineering between BTL's engineers and the customer's design teams plays a significant role in the cooperation at every stage of new engine development. BTL involvement at the early design stage leads to cost effective, fully developed parts for initial engine tests.

In-house laboratories, metallurgical and chemical experts, as well as quality assurance team are involved in every stage of development, from process design through the validation of final ready-to-assemble parts. The quality of BTL's finished parts evolves directly from the company's reliable, proven process design and development.

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